The Best Beauty and Makeup Products for Travel

The best makeup and skin care lines for travel if you’re going on vocarion or awuy lor and, youll need pockaMe beaufy products. lorgt compodt ond gkısf botHes are not only beovy but Ihey can break on rooto.

We spoko to sevinil shopptrt, who polnted out ılıt numer» ooı cbokos highlightod btlow:

• Prescriplives, HjO Plus ond Mellon Brown llpstkkı ara sınailer Ihan mest Hıbtt but contaln tke some amount of product

• Orlglns offors BHt Your Ups buHeHlte llptlfcks and r tractable bulloHlıt KoU Mine eyeRnor pencHı.

• iane offors packages oI three rtuıoblo yufkada? appfc cators and packs of washaUe makeup sponges.

• ll Maklage, Sku Uemııra and Japonesqoe offer miniotur# brush sets that ilip easily info o small makeup bag.

• Estee Louder gold plated, refiUable After Hourt powdr compact Is a liftte blgger Ihan a half dollar.

• Maybelllne Revltallzlng Uqu)d Muke up, Moscara and Alpha Hydroxy Moisturize Cream İn İrkil siıes have enougk product to last you through two vocations.

• One eighth ounce Creative Nail Design Systems pollshes are tiny great for touclnıps or two applicatlons.

• Naturistics, Yardley, St. Ives and Lubrlderm offer lorger mînis.

On the runway: Wearable whte eyeshadow i ne beautful, wearable trend stood out on both ‘ Paris and New York City runways: wklle eyeshadow. Although it may sound like o flashback to an era of frosty, whrte lids, it’s onytbing bul. The white shadows being worn now are sheer, matte, almost invisible. “The new whites are so translucent that they cun be worn on any complexion,” says Prescriplives nalional makeup artist Daraç. Layer it över pastel colors like lavender or pale gray to brighten your eyes; sweep il onto your brow bone to highlight your eyes or use II as a liner jusl above your lasbes ıt will whiten your eyes and make them look wider.”

Because the new whites are so sheer, this is one fail look you can start wearing now. Lighl whiles to try: Prescriplives Pure Ligbl, Bobbi Brown Essentials White , Cover Girl Snow Blossom.

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