The Best Lip Balms 2015

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How can the planets possibly influence us? Well, if the moon can affect the tide, I’m sure she can affect me. Most women will recognise moon patt erns in their lives. I am full of energy at the full moon – in fact, I go a bit bonkers The Best Lip Balms 2015.
If you are in a relationship, it can be very useful to know the other person’s chart -where you clash and where you harmonise, and where you are simply different. A couple of earth signs like my Virgo self and my Taurus lover will both adore good food and wine, sex, and nature, but my airy Gemini moon sometimes finds her watery Cancer moon impossible to fathom (even my language -“fathom” – illustrates how I can’t get to the bottom of her, for my air is for surfaces, not deep-diving). So when we row, we turn into a tempest of high winds and dangerous waves.

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