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Unbroken Veins

Now, broken veins are a delicate subject, I am told. For apparently no one is allowed to lay claim to making them disappear except perhaps the dermatologists who are allowed to remove them with electric needles. The Laszlo people almost swooned when I mentioned, aloud, that my broken veins the ones in my face, at least had disappeared almost entirely, and they hurried to state that they were not allowed to make that claim for their products.

Well, I suppose that I am allowed to make the statement that my own became quite discernibly less visible. Who is going to know more about what’s happening to my own skin than me? So, I believe, whether I am allowed to or not, that tiny broken veins can respond to the right kind of care.

Rutin and bioflavanoids are substances that are said to protect the blood vessels that are smaller than those strengthened by vitamin C; that is why I recommended the C with rutin and bioflavanoids for your day-to-day beauty maintenance. It is also why I suggest that while you’re eating your C-filled citrus fruits, you always try to eat the white, pulpy part that’s closest to the peel the part you probably throw away as a matter of routine. Well, let’s change that routine, for there is where you’ll find most of the vitamins and the rutin and the bioflavanoids hiding. And you need those for the strength of your veins. Check the C chapter again!

One more thing about broken veins. They aren’t called “gin blossoms” for nothing. I realize that you’re going to hate me every single time you take a drink, but I’m willing to take the rap for the health-sake of your skin. Because alcohol is one of the prime villains when it comes to broken veins, especially on the nose. Consider W. C. Fields and decide whether or not you want to look like him. The choice is yours.

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