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“I don’t want to disrespect no other producers, says Rsonist, one third of The Heatmakerz production camp. “But making a track is damn near effortless you know what you doing.”

After crafting hits such as “Dipset Anthem” and “I’m Ready,” The Heatmakerz certainly seem to know what they are doing. Though the triple threat has only been making beats for less than five years, they have amassed an impressive catalogue. Finding a niche and sticking to it has proven effective. “Once you find a formula, we making beats in 10 minutes,” adds Thrilla. “Really, like in 10 minutes, it’s already put together.”

The team’s attitude towards beatmaking may stem from actually having worked for a living. After laboring a 9 to 5 for only to reap a few hundred dollars per week, the effort, time and return for a beat was like a lay up in comparison.

“I don’t want to say it’s easy money, but it’s something we enjoy doing and get good money for it,” says Rsonist, a former janitor at one of Donald Trump’s buildings who even slung nachos at Rye Playland to earn a buck. Thrilla once cleaned toilets at the World Trade Center. “If I go in the lab and make five beats a day and I can at least get rid of one of those, that’s a quick 15 or 20,000 at this point in our career. 15 or 20 thousand for some shit that took us 10 or 15 minutes to really finish up.”

Working at a breakneck pace is becoming more of a necessity. After lacing Lil Flip with “The Ghetto” and Fat Joe with “Oh Yeah,” The Heatmakerz have tracks for Benzino and Def Jam’s newest signee Young Geezy on deck.

“All I know is I stay mailing out Pro Tools CDs that niggas bought the beats for already,” boasts Rsonist. “Ain’t nobody can fire me from the shit that I’m doing now.”

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