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The problems of fat intake are not limited to saturated fats all fats are implicated. Their sources include butter-fat, vegetable fats, eggs, and animal tissues. Excess fats, regardless of source, are potentially damaging to the system.

The damage follows three basic modes : 1) production of tissue anoxia; 2) interference with carbohydrate metabolism; and 3) elevation of cholesterol and uric acid levels. These disturbances in body metabolism contribute to the etiology of many degenerative diseases which plague modern man.
‘Erythrocyte aggregation lowers oxygen levels in blood and tissues

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I can tell you with absolute certainty, however, that pyschedelics taken by a piss-providing man can give a piss-drinking guy a full-featured trip. Even drugs that are not psychoactive can be present in piss and have their effects on anyone who samples that piss. Anecdotal evidence says that insulin, for instance, has been transmitted (I’m told with a gross, bittersweet flavor) to men who have reacted very badly to it. Urban legends, some of which may well be true, tell us that other party drugs and prescription meds have done the same thing with variable and not always predictable results. One special category of drugs should be mentioned, for sure. AIDS cocktails the combination therapies that are the standard treatment these days almost invariably make a man’s piss stink to high heaven and taste like the butt-hole of a city-dump dog. How would I know that? Don’t ask! And, while we’re not asking, let’s not ask why some piss-seekers have come to look upon the piss of AIDS-cocktail-taking men as the perfect piss, the only or best kind.

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