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When the treatment works, some new hair grovvth appears within two to three months. But it may take two years or longer to obtain meaningful hair growth.

Even so, results from using anthralin are mixed. In a study conducted at the University of Illinois in 1987, investigators found that the medication regrew hair in seventeen (25 percent) out of sixty eight patients suffering from alopecia areata. It took roughly twenty three weeks of use before results were seen.

What this study hints at is that anthralin may vvork as a hair restorer for some people vvith alopecia areata. Thus, it may be vvorth a try.

Side effects are rare, but may include skin irritation, according to the Physicians’ Desk Reference. Withholding treatment for a few days vvill heal this condition.

If you use anthralin, vvash your hands after each application to keep from getting it in your eyes.

Azelaic Acid (Azelex)

Available as a 20 percent cream, azelaic acid is a topical medication normally used to treat acne. It may also be helpful in treating androgenetic alopecia. Azelex is made by Allergan.

Azelaic acid is a naturally occurring compound found in vvhole grain cereals and some animal products. In addition, our bodies can make azelaic acid from a fatty acid called oleic acid.

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