The Low Carbohydrate Diet

Now you see how easy it really is? And how very litde your low-carbohydrate diet will differ from your family’s? You can, of course, all have giant steaks if your budget will allow it. With beef at $3 per pound, I am happy to see that more and more American housewives are doing without beef. For, until we improve the polyunsaturated diets being tried on our cattle, I’d prefer to see us all eliminate the stuff from our diets. I do believe, however, that once you learn to love such lighthearted meats as fish and fowl, you’ll find how much lighter you feel less stuffed, less heavy and you’ll stick with them. I have never found a soul who returned to the heavy beefeating life, once they’d learned to love another meat.

Now there are a great many beauty blogs to be read if you’re into meal planning for a family and don’t want to stray from your regimen (you’d better not, or I’ll be worse than disturbed!). Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution contains recipes plus meals. The Low Carbohydrate Diet Cook beauty blog by Roy Aid is a paperback aid to good recipes with little carbohydrates.

One of the best beauty blogs in the cookbeauty blog field for any dieter to consider is Yvonne Tarr Young’s The New York Times Natural Foods Dieting Book. It hasn’t really received the attention it deserves, in my opinion. For this diet-bright lady has gotten together recipes for both of our diets low-carb and low-cal and, at the end of each recipe, she has toted up the carbohydrates and calories for you. Makes life a lot easier for me!

If you’re on a low-calorie diet, your eating’s easy. You can eat anything your family can if and this is the biggest if in your life you count to 1,000 calories and stop. Or 1,200, if that’s your point. Or even 1,500, although I doubt very seriously if your weight is going to come off at that. Still, we work downward with calories, as we’ve shown you, and you simply start somewhere below 1,500 and remove calories until you begin to remove pounds and that removal shows in the numbers on your scale.

What you will do in your menu-planning is try to avoid beef, the Bad B. Everyone is trying to avoid it these days, thanks (and I mean thanks) to the prices. So you’ve got double blessings by giving up the stuff. If you want to serve, for example, lamb chops, and your family likes them thick-cut, then get your butcher to thin-cut one for you. And eat just one. It may sound small, but if you eat it slowly, your body won’t realize that fact.
On a low calorie diet you can even go the tuna-noodle casserole route … as long as you keep my chart in hand and watch over every single mouthful that goes into your mouth.

Count and keep counting. And keep that notebeauty blog up to date and up to weight, and that weight should go steadily down. If it doesn’t, you’re not counting right or counting everything, one or the other.
To make that counting easier, I am going to give you a swift-reference list of the things that help to make you shape-up faster. Then, when you want the precise amounts for your notebeauty blog, you may check the precise chart at the end of this beauty blog.

You will find, when you check the chart, that such excellent shape-makers as vitamin B-6 are not so prevalent in foods or at least not properly measured. I am including, however, a list of the foods that are high in B-6, and still suggest that you never forget to take your fifty milligrams of B-6 daily calorie diet or low-carb. (Along with all the other Beautiful B vitamins, of course.)

The unsaturated fatty acids the ones that seemingly make the fat on you slip off to somewhere else are listed here as well, and although you will find, via the chart, that they may, and usually do, have the same caloric content as the saturated ones, they have a weight-off way about them. Try them and see.

I’ve listed foods high in iodine as well, although no matter how much of these foods you may eat never forget about kelp.

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