The Low-Carbohydrate Route

Did you know that, if food is your hangup, there is a diet that will let you eat and eat and eat and still remove not only pounds, but inches, as well? And those inches all from the spots where you never wanted them in the first place? It’s probably the very simplest method for those who find dieting such an insurmountable problem that they give up before they begin.

And, remember, we said you have to begin sometime, if you ever want to see the results.

There is such a diet, all right, and it’s the high-protein-low-carbo-hydrate diet the one espoused by scores of obesity specialists, in one form or another, plus a growing rank of slender aficionados. The high protein is good for you and you’ll find out just how good very soon; the low carbohydrate is the key to re-making your shape. After what we’ve told you about killer-carbohydrates and their role in the average American horror diet, you should have no qualms about cutting down on them. Best of all, the high-protein-low-carbohydrate diet is easy. Easy to stick to, since there’s no going hungry involved; and, for those who love to eat or those with enormous, insatiable appetites this diet is, beyond doubt, the best one for those folks to choose.

Counting carbohydrates is often easier than counting calories. Most of the time you needn’t count at all, for the foods you are allowed will come from a very special list of already measured, low-carbohydrate ones. And you’ll soon have those down pat in your memory pattern.

indir (2)If you’ve got a sweet tooth that can’t be pulled, then try our other diet. Because on this one, there’ll be no sweets at all. And you’ll be shocked at the foods that turn up bearing sugar. Things like catsup, for example, which is loaded with it.

And then there are starches. Those French fries will have to go, and they should anyway. They’re a greasy bit of no-good filler that all diets can dispense with. And no breads allowed here.

Vegetable intake is limited to the ones that are low in carbohydrates and usually only one serving per day. Ditto for fruits, which come from the tree already loaded with sugar. Your morning orange juice will just have to be forgotten for the moment.

But that’s about the sum of it. Starches and sweets the two things you’ll have to watch on any diet are the basics to forget on the low-carbohydrate regimen.

You can, however, have things you never had before on a diet. A weight-loss diet, I mean. Like hollandaise sauce. Or butter. Or bacon.

Because the dynamics of this diet are that protein plus fat which you need on every diet if you’re going to keep beautiful are the fuel that makes the fat sitting on you burn. Burn away. In essence, your body is burning its excess fat for fuel. Thus those disappearing inches.

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