The View from the Plateau

Let us stop for a moment to consider the plateaus that you will inevitably reach during your low-cal diet life. (I have never seen or perhaps I should say, rarely seen such plateaus on a low-carbohydrate regimen. For there the weight loss seems to be agonizingly slow, but steady all the way.)

You will hit plateaus points where your weight seems to hit “stop” and the needle on the scale refuses to go any lower, no matter how conscientiously you stick to your calorie count.

So you might as well expect them and be prepared for them. For they will disappear just as suddenly as they came. The pattern is a dieting classic. The point is that you not be discouraged by such inexplicable slowdowns in your weight loss and never be tempted to give up and go back to eating. If you do, you could blow the whole
diet, and all the time you’ve spent on it.

Just believe me when I say that the plateau days and they can stretch to days and days and days will go away just as suddenly as they came, and you will, one fine day, find yourself three, four,
or as much as five pounds lighter than the day before.

imagesOccasionally you can nudge yourself off the plateau by a few little tricks, such as limiting your “meat” to fish for a few days. I know of a doctor who puts his patients on “shrimp days” to combat the plateau periods. Shrimp seems inordinately able to get things moving off again.

I have my own method, and that is done with mushrooms. I broil them in polyunsaturated margarine and eat them on a slice of thin toast as that day’s “meat course.” My mind is fooled into thinking it’s had meat, but my body knows it’s had practically nothing in the way of calories, and the dip begins again.

You must remember to keep counting, carefully, using my chart and your note beauty blog, and never to be disheartened. That weight will go away. It has to.

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