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Someone, a stranger, broke out a bottle of cheap champagne in the departure lounge to oil our throats, he said, for the trip. As the plane landed in Monrovia, our capital city, a group broke into the national anthem All hail Liberia hail! This glorious land of liberty shall long be ours. In union strong success is sure. We cannot fail! It was infectious. Some cried; some laughed; and everyone on that Flight, Liberians and foreigners alike, celebrated the sea change that was upon us and hoped that the words of that song would finally come true. A few days later, on the January morning Ellen John son Sirleaf became Liberia’s presidentand Africa’s first female leaderI stood on the lawn of the Executive Mansion, the official presidential residence, cheering her on. Numerous African heads of state, China’s foreign minister, and Americans Laura Bush and Condoleezza Rice had joined Liberians from all corners of the country, dressed in lappas and boubous (tied and loose gowns) and their Sunday finery to watch Ellen step up to the podium outside the capitol building under the bright Monrovia sky and take the oath of office.

Tilda Swinton Style Fashion & Looks 2015

Tilda Swinton Info Chart

Style Name Katherine Matilda Swinton
Style Birth; November 5, 1960
Style From; London, England
Style Occupations; Actress
Style Relationship; Lives with John Byrne
A-List; B-List

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