Tips For Successful Weight Loss

Tips For Successful Weight Loss

Enter the 213-Diet

Those that love the one with obesity first do not completely understand it, and second, we often put a foot in mouth trying to say the right thing to help the one we love. To this very day as I write, this very wall remains between those I love who are struggling with weight concerns. I unfortunately struggled with obesity myself and my incorrect beliefs made me think I was only 20 pounds overweight when I was actually 50 pounds overweight. Another serious finding is our body due to design, can remove muscle matter quicker and easier than fat and fat storing support. This is the flaw in most diet systems. As the fluff starts to leave and become sag, it is more noticeable how much was not really muscle, or muscle that was lost in the process. Losing the weight was for self-interest at first, and finding the correct answer was extremely important but near impossible. My revelations led to this blog in order to confront obesity for the ugliness that obesity really is. This is less of a health blog and more of a self-help blog; so many things may seem repetitive. Note: As the writer, I chose to use the epicene singular they (they / their, versus he / she), and use the serial comma when best enhances the content in reading (, and versus and).

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The Magic

People are always looking for the magic cure to weight loss. They buy products and services hoping someone else can provide this magic. The problem is the magic does not come from any product or service available, including this program. The magic comes from within you, and only you.

Weight gain happens in steps that are not alarming. It starts at less than 150 pounds and goes to 160, then to 170, to 180, 200, 220, 240 and eventually 250 pounds and beyond. Gaining weight may have happened slowly, happening over a decade or two. Maybe after landing that desk job, it happened within a year or two. On the other hand, maybe an injury has limited your activities. If you are still gaining weight, you must find that magic now!

A person can buy an exercise DVD or diet blog and actually lose some weight, but it is not the blog or DVD that makes one lose the weight. The person’s actions cause the weight loss. If those actions are not maintainable, the person will likely gain all the weight back, possibly even more. I cannot help you lose weight, as it is up to you to find sustainable eating plans and activities that work for you. The magic comes from within you!

It is critical to understand that each additional ten pounds is like stabbing yourself with a knife and damaging your body more. The more damage, the more time and effort will be required to repair your body. Think back over the last few years. If you are still adding another 10 pounds here and there, it is time you stop expecting someone else to rescue you. Jump into action to save yourself. I hope that I have written something that will be personal enough to inspire you to help yourself and stop the damage from gaining weight.

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