Tips To Lose Weight Without Exercise

Evaluating your potential

It is relatively easy to determine your body type. Take your clothes off and look in a mirror.

Vera Christensen has people send her photographs of their bodies, both front and side views, so that she can evaluate them and prescribe specific training routines for them.

You might want to have someone photograph you in the nude, or in your underwear if you are shy, and evaluate the photos.

Tips To Lose Weight Without Exercise Photo Gallery

Somehow we are often able to see what we want to see and block out what we are not comfortable with when looking in a mirror; with photos we see what’s actually there.

Dr. Sheldon took all of his thousands of measurements from photographs, and reported that this was easier and more accurate than measuring the actual bodies. Compare your photos with pictures of various types of athletes. First find examples of endomorphs, mesomorphs and ectomorphs, then compare your pictures to theirs.

You can also go to a good trainer or coach and ask for a complete evaluation.

Dr. Sheldon noted that any coach who cannot quickly spot relatively small variations in physique will not be a successful coach because different training methods are required for different physiques.

Some common physiques

Wrist size is a good indicator of whether you have a light, medium, or heavy skeletal frame.

When you put on a watchband, which hole do you use? How does this compare with the hole your friends would use?

Compare your wrist size and ankle size to those of other people, and you will find out what type of skeletal frame you have.

For example, Ed Bernd Jr.’s wrist and ankle measurements are 6.3 inches and 9 inches, respectively, while Workout and Fitness are 7.5 inches and 10 inches, even though he is a couple of inches shorter than Ed.

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