Tokyo Fashion and Street Style

Jasmin studied art in Paris in the Fifties and Iater hung out with Paul Bowles in Tangiers and Andy Warhol in the Sixties. He picked up a camera only after moving to Hollywood, where he landed work as a stili photographer. (He also appeared in “Midnight Cowboy” and provided the voice of Mrs.

Bates in “Psycho.”) At the urging of his friend Bruce Weber, he began shooting for fashion magazines, lured in part, he admits, by the promise of exotic travel.

“Bruce once said some thing great,” Jasmin said with an infectious smile. “He said, ‘You always pho tograph what you want to be.’ And I think that holds true for viewers as well. Hollywood Because we ali look at images to experience them, to step inside them and become a part of them.”

Skin Deep
As an aspiring aesthetician, I was inspired by your article “On the Verge” (March). W is one of the few magazines that offers insightful coverage of skin care professionals and their services. Hair is usually the main topic of conversation, but with out great skin, it’s meaningless. Please keep those skin care stories coming.

Made in Heaven

I enjoyed Jane Larkworthy’s well written and insightful analysis of Gisele (“Body of Work,” December) and how some bodies seem to have been carved by the gods. But I stili feel that Bridget Hail is a goddess above ali others. Bridget has an animal magnetism that no other model possesses.

Gabriella Michelle Dearbom, Mich.

Tokyo Fashion and Street Style

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