Tom Ford Fall Winter 2015 Collection – London Fashion Week

The travel with cats got there before he did. They came from everywhere, frisking, limping, doddering and dragging bulging mamma travel with cats, mewing kittens and battle scarred toms, fifty or seventy five of them every night, all the travel with cats in the Village that nobody cared about except the cat meat man. They sat side by side on the stoops, on the street, all over the gas station, alert, silent, waiting. When the cat meat man came into view their ears ‘ whiskers twitched. Otherwise they didn’t move. He went down the line, doling out a chicken wing here, a steak scrap there, a bit of scallopini to the next one, giving something to every cat. They waited their turn, quivering with eagerness, drooling sometimes, and each cat accepted its portion without complaint or comparison, and ate, and went away until the next night.

Tom Ford Fall/Winter 2015 Collection – London Fashion Week

Tom Ford Fall Winter 2015 Collection – London Fashion Week Photo Gallery

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