Toning Exercises While Pregnant

Toning Exercises While Pregnant

The Material in this addendum is enough to accomplish successful weight loss and the 213-Diet is not necessary. There is more information that is helpful in the blog but by following the basics provided here, a person can have successful weight loss that is maintainable for life.

This is possibly the most important weight loss information published to date.

“Addendum One” is the material created to improve the first two sections of the 213-Diet for the planned efforts toward an improved edition in the future.

This is the standalone philosophy behind the 213-Diet pyramid concept to losing weight.

This is not the 213-Diet or is it the actual methods by the 213-Diet for weight control.

Defining a person’s physical activities to accomplish weight loss would be to create failure.

Defining a person’s habits of eating or foods to eat to accomplish weight loss would create failure.

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