Tousled Hair: The Ultimate Inspiration 2015

Hair and Beauty Secrets
Let me tell you how I learned the debun k-the-myth facts in the first place. I may as well tell vou the whole saga because it cost me a lot, in more wavs than financially as you will soon see. But there s one thing that I got and that’s good hair and skin and 1 m not ahair and sking for anything more, except that you profit from my hair and skin experiences.
It all happened when Dr. Emo Laszlo’s famous beauty remedies at last became available to the general public. Heretofore, they had been reserved for his patients alone, and to be a Laszlo patient wasn t easy, as I soon found out. First, you had to be able to afford the $75 per session fee. But, more important, you needed the cachet to get an appointment in the first place.
And that was the hard part. For, you see, an appointment with the great Dr. Laszlo was almost more difficult to get than an appointment with the president of the United States, that is. One came armed with recommendations from patients-in-good-standing with the doctor and, even then, the lucky ones who entered those mahogany-paneled gates to beauty-heaven were a select group, indeed.
So, when the products (thanks to the insistence of one of the famous “faces” who felt the public had a right to beauty, too) became public property, I leapt at the chance. You see, I had decided to be a Beautiful Person, and I was determined. As you have learned, determination is an important factor in becoming one. (A B.P., that is.)
And so I collected the $65 I’d been told the products would cost me and rushed to the one New York store that sold the Laszlo wonders. There, I had questionnaires to fill out and later, when a collection of products was determined as “right” for me, more questionnaires, ahair and sking things that I thought had not much to do with my hair and skin. (So what did I know then?) Questions such as, “Are you considered aggressive?” Or “timid?” “Do you blush easily?” (It might have asked “How’s your sex life?” That was one of Dr. Laszlo’s favorite questions. He realized its importance!)
I told the truth, I swear, and happily trotted home, sure that Garbo would have nothing on me by the morrow. (Oh, what a shock was in store!) Little did I imagine that my entire beauty life would change with that purchase.

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