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Tracey Edmonds Style Fashion & Looks 2015
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Style Name Tracey Elaine McQuarn
Style Birth; February 18, 1967
Style From; Los Angeles, CA
Style Occupations; CEO of Edmonds Entertainment Group, Inc.
Style Relationship; Single

Rachel’s now being offered movie roles, she’s datingco star, Adam Brody (Seth) although sheonly admits it after a lot of prodding and pleading she’s just bought her first house, and at 23, she can’t quite believe life is working out so well. At our shoot, she’s very quiet and so tiny. Tm a size 4 [UK size 6], but on screen l’m quite curvy and vampy. Off screen I am a lot smaller/she admits.That’s an understatement. But as we settle back to talk about The O.C. while she shovels jelly beans into her mouth, it’s time to dish the dirt…

So, are you really dating Seth in real life?
[Laughs] ‘I can’t talk about that. İt makes it Weird. We’re really close and I have learned so muchfrom know…’

That’s not really a proper ansWer… ‘Well,the moment you start talking about who you’re dating, everyone just talks about you as a couple. I kind of Wantto keep it private, but we do spend a lot of time together hanging out, being together.’

There are a lot of rumours in American magazines about you two…
‘I know! I read this one story that Paris Hilton was on the show and she had to kiss Adam. Then they Wrote that I made the producers cut the kiss out of the episode. That was crap because Paris was really sWeet and I Wouldn’t care anyWay. İt’s our job.’

Does that mean you don’t read newspaper stories about you anymore?
‘No. I stili read them, but my mom keeps telling me to put them down. l’m stili tryingl’ Do you enjoy Working on

The O.C.?
‘I love the fact that we play people who are not like us at ali and we can just go crazy at work and then be very normal after filming.’

What do you do that’s normal?
‘Well, l’m very melloW. I love lying in bed, Watching old movies. I love going out to watch bands with my friends.’

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