Travel aromatherapy for Summer


Jet-setter Dannu Minogue is a fan of Aromatherapy Associates, whose essential-oiis travel kit, £36** has everything from a sandalwood and rose facial oil to prevent in-flight dehydration to a reviving juniper and grapefruit detox gel to ease puffy ankles. But, if your budget won’t stretch to this, create a kit with the following oils, £6.30 each, from Boots:

• Eucalyptus. Mix three drops with a teaspoon of base carrier oil, £3.90, and rub a small amount under your nostrils to kill in-flight germs.

t Lavender. Massage a couple of drops on the pulse points of your wrists to help you sleep better during the flight and relax at your destination.

• Mandarin. If you’re afraid of flying, put a few drops on a tissue and inhale to calm your frazzled nerves.


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