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Tricia Helfer Style Fashion & Looks 2015
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Style Name Tricia Janine Helfer
Style Birth; April 11, 1974
Style From; Donalda, Canada
Style Occupations; Model / Actress
Style Relationship; Married to Jonathan Marshall

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Getting your hands 2015 fashion’s most-wanted items was always hard; nowadays, it’s nearly impossible. Cue the waiting list, Have you put your name down, asks Sarah Harris?

My friend has bought a Fendi Spy bag. Well, not really bought it, since she hasn’t acquired it yet; she has paid the 50 per cent deposit (£560), had her name added to the bottom of a list and been told to wait three months. She ordered it, in cognac, by phone. (Luckily for her, she remembered the colour from a rare sighting of a Spy that had actually made it on to the shopfloor.) No matter, she was ecstatic. And she gets happier and happier as the day when the bag will finally be hers gets ever nearer. Although the salesgirl was adamant that the bag would arrive in three months, my friend began routine calls to the store two months into the wait. “I just wondered if it had come yet? You know, any early deliveries?” “No. As I said last week, it will be another three to four weeks,” was the response.

No-one actually ever sees a waiting list and although stores will give you an indication of how long the wait will be, they are reluctant to tell you how many people are already listed. The reasons are two-fold: one, “confidentiality policies”; two, the fear that you might be put off if you find out just how many other women share your taste and will own your fashion must-have before you do.

But if the statistics are anything to go by, being on a list only encourages the desire in most women. Fendi hasn’t experienced demand like the current clamour for the Spy since the 1997 Baguette.

“People went mad for the Baguette and the Spy is on the same scale,” says Fendi’s Isabella Capece Galeota. “It does get out ofhandso much so that we have already closed the list for next season’s Spy bags.” To date, around 800,000 Baguettes have been sold and the Spy is heading in the same direction. When it hit UK stores last winter, 200 requests came flooding in during the first week. “Sometimes I think people imagine we’re giving them away. I mean, it’s a £1,200 bag!” says Erin Mullaney, buyer for designer womenswear at Selfridges.

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