Tummy Toning Exercises After Pregnancy

These are to a large extent taken into account in the underlying calculation on which the previous chart is based. Someone who is working in a sedentary office based occupation is going to need considerably fewer calories every day than someone who is working on a building site, as an example.

In addition to this, however, your present weight and age will also have an influence on the number of calories you need to maintain your current weight levels.

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The more weight you are carrying, the more energy you need to get that bulk moving, while as you get older, your energy requirements gradually decrease as you are likely to engage in less physically activity than you did when you were younger.

Gender is also an influential factor, because women generally need fewer calories than men.

Taking all of these variables into account, what you are looking to do is calculate a ‘Body Mass Ratio’ (BMR) which is not the same as the ‘Body Mass Index’ that we were considering earlier.

What BMR does is provide an alternative method for calculating your daily calorific requirements taking account of variables like age, gender, occupation and present weight.

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