Turning Grilled Meat

Although it is not possible to prepare this specialty of grilled meat at home (due to the lack of a special upright broiler), we will explain how the meat is prepared just for interest's sake.

10 kg. Of lean lamb (from leg), 100 gr. Salt, 50 gr. Pepper, 1/2 It- onion juice, 1 lemon, 1 cup olive oil, 1 kg.

Turning Grilled Meat

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Lamb fat, 1 kg. Minced lamb meat, 1 egg, 1/2 cup milk.

The meat should be boned and the skin removed, cut into large thick slices and pound a little with a mallet.

Prepare a marinade of onion juice, lemon juice, milk, olive oil, salt and pepper. Soak meat in this marinade for 12 hours.

Soak lamb fat in warm water.

Mix the minced lamb with the egg.

Skewer the meat, the lamb fat and the minced meat alternately, using larger pieces at the top. Put the skewer upright in front of the upright grill. The meat is broiled upright turning slowly all the time.

Cut thin slices of meat with a special, very long and sharp knife. Serve on top of flat bread called “pide” or with rice.
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