Type 1 Diabetes Weight Loss Tips

Type 1 Diabetes Weight Loss Tips

High fructose syrup (HFCS) is made by treating dextrose solutions with the enzyme glucose isomerase, until a substantial fraction of the glucose has been converted to fructose. There is no fructose in corn syrup! HFCS is an inverse sugar and does not need processed by enzymes to be absorbed by the intestines into the circulatory system (easy sugar). Fructose is processed completely different compared to how glucose is processed (dextrose) within the human body.

Besides counting sugar staying away from starchy foods, especially deserts and pastries is important. One of the consequences of becoming overweight is that most desserts will have to be given up to lose the weight. The problem with cakes and pastries is that they are high in simple carbohydrates that convert easily to simple sugars. Although focus is not on counting carbohydrates, looking at the nutrition label will give an idea of how bad these are. Say the item has 30 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber, and 5 grams of sugar, the body actually sees 28 grams of sugar. So watching the carbohydrates is important for those that do not seem to be consuming excess sugar and are not losing weight. Eating desserts should be considered a habit that needs to be broken.

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Find ways to eat better foods and reduce the total quantity

By working on the Layers below such as better habits and better food, one will find portion control becomes much easier. A person should focus on having meals that consist of natural vegetables, dairy, and meats. If vegetarian, you must ensure you are consuming enough fat and protein. We will talk of protein in the next layer. Sometimes a person can lessen a meal size, feel better, and go longer without the need to eat more. For some people snacks are the size of meals and need to be reduced. This varies with the individual, for some people breakfast can be reduced, for others it is dinner. While it is about some thought on reduction of total consumption, eating better, less sugar, fewer toxins, will result in portion control with little thought. The only added supporting tool is being able to say “No” to food when you are not truly hungry.

Get enough protein but restrict protein with excess fuel intake

Why is protein control separate of portion control? Protein is an important building block for creating important enzymes, cell repair, and cell creation. Protein is important to build, repair, and redesign the physiology of the body. When our body is consuming too much sugar, protein provides insulin to help store it, and if determined by the body, protein can create more room to store more of this fuel as fat, building a new bigger person. Protein can help build a more muscular person but it can also help to build a fatter person.

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