Tyra Banks Diet Plan Workout Routine

Tyra Banks Diet Plan

What kind of an ailment, then, is alcoholism?
A great many researchers who have lifted the alcoholic off the couch and placed him under the microscope are convinced that uncontrolled drinking is a metabolic disorder that can be treated by nutritional therapy.

Dr. Roger Williams pulls no punches when he categorically states that no one who follows good nutritional practices ever becomes an alcoholic. In Nutrition Against Disease, he backs up his contention: “The fact that some individuals become alcoholics … and others, under similar circumstances, do not, is inescapable and is of the utmost importance in understanding the disease.”

Doctors are, of course, aware of the fact that alcoholics frequently suffer from malnutrition. But, as Dr. Williams points out, they assume the malnutrition to be the result of the alcoholism, not a contributing tor. Malnutrition of the brain cells is simply not c sidered as a cause of alcoholism. :

Dr. Williams has moved beyond theory; he has proved that the wrong diet can create an alcoholic. Using the rat for testing, Williams and his colleagues have shown that diets deficient in essential nutrients encourage alcoholic consumption in animals, and that their drinking habits can be reversed by adding the missing nutrients to their food.

This research was duplicated at Loma Linda University in California by investigators who induced a craving for alcohol in rats by feeding them a diet high in refined carbohydrates, low in vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

The rats were not psychologically stressed; they were not raised by “mean parents,” but they turned eagerly to drink when deprived of proper diet.

Thirty rats were divided into three groups for a sixteen week study. One group remained on the high carbohydrate diet; another group ate the same diet supplemented with vitamins and minerals; and a third group consumed a balanced human diet.

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Tyra Banks Diet Plan Workout Routine

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