Tyrese Gibson Style & Diet Plan

Plateaus are not only physical but also emotional. In fact, they are emotional more often than not. Remember the case of poor Jackie, whose weight wouldn’t change until she admitted what it was?

Plateaus give us time to catch up with our new bodies. They allow our heads and bodies time to get back in sync. If you have lost, say, twelve pounds, you are experiencing life from an entirely different vantage point.

You don’t have the twelve pounds of padding and armor that you once had. You are more vulnerable. And you need to consciously assimilate your ne w being. Take advantage of plateaus to do just that. In reality, you are a different entity every time you lose a single pound.

That sense of self before I move on to another.” Plateaus give you an opportunity to make a choice. You can ignore your mind/body split and eat. This is what you have probably done in the past, and it is . one of the reasons you have been fat. Ali the frustrations, the anxieties, the hostilities, and the depressions you feel each day as you weigh yourself are only feelings you’ve had before. Feel them and let them go. You don’t have to swallow them anymore. You know the scale will move.

Tyrese Gibson Style & Diet Plan

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