Uma Thurman 2015

With Uma Thurman can feel something akin to being roadblocked by her Kill Bill alter ego, Beatrix Kiddo. Mine begins one glorious, sun-drenched October morning in London. Uma has jet lag of comic-book-hero proportions. I know this because the assistant of her new inamorato, financier Arki Busson (a man known to the tabloid-reading world as Elle Macpherson’s ex and by as one who “makes money just breathing”), telephones to say Ms. Thurman is still in bed and would like to continue sleeping. Then, only moments later, Uma calls herself and utters in charmingly croaky tones worthy of a latter-day Garbo, “I don’t do jet lag very well.”

When some hours later we eventually meet in a discreet Knightsbridge hotel (concierge sent scurrying to purchase allergy medicine, a club sandwich with sides ordered before the BlackBerry earpiece has fallen from the Thurman ear), reality seems somehow to accelerate. Uma, 37, is dressed in her street disguise: sweater cinched with an ombre Prada belt, possibly the world’s longest pinstriped knickers, Chanel flats, and a caramel-color beret she likes to pull down over her ears. Her skin is tan, her bed-head hair is a brilliant blonde, and her eyes while completely devoid of makeup look as if they might have been drawn on by an Indian painter specializing in erotic art.

She is as arch about any discussion of her looks (“I think women have to be extremely talented and very good-looking if they’re going to be allowed to walk on a set; there’s a lot more leeway for talented men to be more interesting”) as she is cavalier about being blessed with one of the most extraordinary bodies in contemporary cinema. “You mean I slouch and I eat a lot?” she deadpans. (Not quite what I was getting at.) I can, however, reliably report that Uma’s appetite is truly voracious. “This is what happens when you quit smoking,” she chuckles defiantly, conducting a postlunch raid on the hotel fridge for chocolate ice cream arid a cherry soda. “My evil old buddy is gone. ”

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