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Are you looking for love? I am looking for love! I’ve been looking for a girlfriend for a while now. I’ve been single for too long. Would you like an older woman? A cougar perhaps? I always get on with older ladies, but I wouldn’t get into a serious relationship with a cougar. What’s the oldest cougar you’d go for? The oldest? I’d say 28. Or 32. Would you make a move in the jungle? I don’t know what I’m going to be like in that environment.

It’s going to be very intense. When I was on The X Factor with Ella Henderson we got really close to each other. Because you spend so much time with people, you strike up a relationship. Has there been any speculation about your sexuality? No. I’ve had so many relationships. We’ve got Jaymi in the band and he’s gay. He’s engaged to his boyfriend, Olly. Our fans are very respectful. There’s not been any homophobia. Do you consider yourself a bit of a playboy? No, not at all. A lot of my friends are girls.

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Whenever I’ve been papped with a girl at a club, it’s usually been taken the wrong way. It’s usually a very good friend. Are you body confident? How will you find stripping off for the jungle shower? No, not really. At school I used to be really chubby and I was badly bullied for it. It was only just before The X Factor that I grew taller and lost some weight – but I’ve still got that fat kid inside me who’s a little bit conscious about taking his top off.

Have you been watching The X Factor this year? We’ve been on tour, so I haven’t been able to watch it all. The talent this year is really strong. Louisa and Lauren’s voices are so good. I think Rita has the strongest team. Do you think Simon should pull the plug on it? No, it’s still mammoth. It’s still amazing. Maybe it just needs a break for a year.

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