Victoria’s Secret Angels Diet Secrets Revealed!

Victoria’s Secret Angels Diet Secrets Revealed!

HEALTHY OPTION: Pret a Manger’s large fruit salad is great if you like a sugar fix in the morning. It’s packed with loads of vitamins and minerals, and it’s big enough .mi,,,. for you to munch throughout the morning whenever you’re tempted to nip out for a bacon sarnie.
Boots Juicy Fruit Flapjack from the Shapers range satisfies a sweet tooth while also injecting some fruit into your diet with its combination of raisins, sultanas and currants. Being oat-based, energy is released slowly and not just in one quick sugar fix that never lasts. CALORIES: 186 FAT: 6g
HEALTHY OPTION: A bowl of Nestle Triple Berry Shredded Wheat with semiskimmed milk.
The strawberries, blackberries and raspberries make this a much more tasty version of the classic cereal. It’s also bursting with vitamins A and C. CALORIES: For a 40g serving with 125ml semi-skimmed milk, 198 FAT: 2-9g NOT-SO-HEALTHY OPTION: Bowl of Nestle Frosted Shreddies. OK, they’re quite high in sugar, but they’ve got less fat than most other cereals, so they’re great for an occasional treat when you need a sugar boost. CALORIES: For a 40g serving with 125 ml semi-skimmed milk, 225 FAT: 2.7g
Wholemeal toast slowly releases energy, which will stave off hunger for longer than white toast. Also, wholegrain or granary bread is a great source of fibre. Adding a touch of Marmite (with minimal extra calories), if you like it, is a good way to increase your intake of vitamin B, which helps you burn calories faster. CALORIES: Two slices of wholemeal toast with a bit of Marmite, 172 FAT: i.6g
NOT-SO-HEALTHY OPTION: A plain bagel with a scraping of butter is much higher in fat than toast, but is energy-packed. CALORIES: 289 FAT: 25g
A PJ Daily Detox Super Smooothie and a banana.
The smoothie contains milk thistle, which helps you detox faster, and ginger, which relieves nausea.
Bananas are a natural antacid that wi settle your stomach, plus they’re full of energy.
Smooothie 51, banana 108 FAT: Smooothie o.5g, banana o.5g NOT-SO-HEALTHY OPTION: If junk food is a necessity, a McDonald’s bacon roll with brown sauce hits the spot, and isn’t as naughty as an entire meal. Have an orange juice for some vital vitamin C,too. CALORIES: Bacon roll 289, juice 114
FAT: Bacon roll g.9g, juice trace.

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