Victoria’s Secret VSX Sexy Sport Spring 2015 Collection

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Victoria’s Secret VSX Sexy Sport Spring 2015 Collection

Victoria’s Secret VSX Sexy Sport Spring 2015 Collection Photos

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Losing weight is all about the calorie equation – burning more calories than you’re consuming, right? Yes, and no. Yes, calories count, but that doesn’t mean we should be counting them.

Counting them can’t be necessary for health considering that before most people knew what a calorie was, about 90 per cent of the population avoided obesity and over 99 per cent of us avoided type 2 diabetes, says Bailor.

Reducing the human body to a simple mathematical equation doesn’t work. Just as a healthy body automatically balances blood pressure and blood sugar within a normal range, a healthy body also automatically balances the intake and expenditure of calories within a normal range.

However, when the body’s healthy balance mechanism is broken by low-quality foods, these otherwise unconscious functions become conscious and complex. We manage blood pressure with prescriptions. We regulate blood sugar with insulin injections. We track how many calories we eat and how many steps we take each day. We try to decipher food labels. 

In other words, load up with junk and you may as well throw the calorie book out the window. Your body will simply fail to follow the script.

Also, to make so-called diet foods that are low in calories, manufacturers tend to remove sugar and fat and include a host of ingredients/chemicals that aren’t necessarily high in the nutrition stakes, and may lead us to eating more than we ordinarily would in the first place. Fat, after all, makes us feel satiated and full, and fibre, which low-cal foods don’t seem to treat as a priority, keeps us feeling fuller for longer.

Artificial sweeteners increase our desire for sweet things and lead to cravings, which is actually counterproductive to weight loss, says Lyndi Polivnick, the Nude Nutritionist’ and noted dietitian.

Low-energy alternatives can either make us feel deprived or like we haven’t eaten anything at all. Most whole foods contain energy, fat and/or natural sugar in healthy quantities. It is only when we start to alter real food that we get into trouble. 


To stimulate fat loss and production of lean muscle at the same time, you need to adhere to specific macronutrient ratios without going under or over your kilojoule budget.

The optimal kilojoule range of protein is 15 to 25 per cent, 45 to 65 per cent carbs and 25 to 30 of fat, says dietitian Dr Alan Barclay. That allows you to have a Mediterranean-style diet if you like or an Asian-style diet – to give you two extremes. Providing you exercise, you will gain muscle. 

Muscle effectively burns fat by churning through extra calories 24 hours a day.

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