Vitamin A The Skin Vitamin

Vitamin A The Skin Vitamin

I have discovered, to my disbelief, that there are still people out there would-be beauties -who are not taking vitamin A. I suppose that I live in a rarefied vitamin atmosphere, for I always thought that virtually everyone who aspired to beautiful skin knew the beautiful skin value of A. It’s as basic as the B vitamins, something that no one should be without if that one wants to live up to her beauty potential.

A friend of mine put me onto the non-A-takers recently when she asked for advice on her skin. This friend is a young girl with beautiful bones and not-so-beautiful skin. I knew that she was well into the acid-balanced routine I’d suggested for her, so I couldn’t imagine what could be missing. The reason I couldn’t imagine is that I am still amazed to learn that the vitamin-uneducated are about in great numbers, usually complaining about their looks.

(If that sounds like you, read on.)

I asked this almost-perfect-beauty about her vitamins. She replied that she’s a naturalist (so, who isn’t?) and doesn’t believe in them. Perhaps that’s why a gentleman of our mutual acquaintance said to me recently, “What is it about her that keeps her just short of beautiful?” I couldn’t reply.

For naturalists who scorn vitamins, let me say that I, too, prefer food vitamins. It would be wonderful if we could get enough of them but we can’t. Not by food alone. I’ll grant you that the vitamin A that comes from cheese and carrots and all those good things you love to eat is probably much more potent than what comes in a capsule. But if you check my chart carefully, you’ll see just how much food you’d have to eat to get the amount of units you’ll need for beauty. I take 50.000 units a day. That’s a lot of food A any way you look at it.

Now there has been a great deal of discussion, dissension, and investigation of late on” the amount of vitamin A that we are going to be allowed, by government regulation, to take. And I am going to go along with them and say that too much vitamin A can be dangerous.

indirThe reason is that vitamin A is an oil-soluble vitamin, meaning that it can have a build-up effect inside of your body. It is not thrown off by your body with its wastes, as are the water-soluble vitamins such as C (that’s why C has to be replenished each and every day, or each and every cigarette, for example). Therefore, it is conceivable that there might be some danger if one were to try one’s own improvised recipes with vitamin A. There is danger and I strongly advise you not to think about playing around with it.

But, for myself, 50,000 units seems the norm needed to keep my skin looking top shape. I wouldn’t dream of reducing that dosage, for since I’ve been taking it for some fifteen years now, with no ill effects, I cannot imagine that it’s harmful to me. But now I must get my vitamin A by prescription only. One can’t buy 50,000 units of vitamin A in any other way. Thank goodness my own physician is a vitamin-believer. Otherwise I would simply take two of the

25.000 units, were I denied my fifties.

If you are just starting your vitamin habit, perhaps you should start with a lower A-count and work your way up until you see your skin improve. Just never, never dream of going above the top level I have given you. And don’t even hit that without your prescription firmly in your hand.

While you’re shopping for A, you might keep one other thing in mind. There are two kinds of A the oil-miscible sort and the water-miscible sort. “Miscible” is a word that gets me when it comes to definition, and I will be slightly inaccurate by calling it “water-based,” but I believe that’s close enough for those of us who don’t aspire to the scientific calling. The oil-based, fish-liver kind of vitamin A is fine for some people. (Remember cod liver oil?) But for others who may have skin that is already too oily, the water-miscible vitamin A is a wiser choice. After all, why add oil to an already overactive sebaceous system? Check your druggist. He’ll know what to give you.

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