Vitamin E The Reshape Vitamin

Vitamin E has been called almost everything. The vitamin of the seventies, the vitamin in search of a disease, the sex vitamin, the heart vitamin. Some call it fad, some say it’s fabulous. I happen to believe it’s one of the greatest shape-changers ever to come along in the shape of one small capsule. Sort of a sex symbol of the vitamin world.

For the E-addicts claim that vitamin E can make your bosom bosomier, your hips curvier, your skin smoother, your hair shinier, and you sexier. It’s a lot to expect from a vitamin. But I personally know of one young lady who swears that her bosom went from flat-chest to sexpot by vitamin E alone. She swears that it is the only element in her diet that had changed.

Adelle Davis claims that research indicates that vitamin E plays some role in the production of normal sex hormones. And she goes on to explain that a number of physicians have pointed out that young people these days seem to be losing their secondary sex characteristics. “The hips of boys and men are often too large, whereas girls and women frequently have flat chests and slender hips,” says Miss Davis and adds, “It has been my experience that when the diet is made completely adequate and vitamin E is increased temporarily to perhaps 100 units after each meal, these children develop normal sex characteristics quite rapidly. … I have seen a few cases where normal breasts have developed after flat-chested women from twenty to thirty-five years old have conscientiously followed an excellent nutrition program.” When Adelle Davis confirms it, it’s time to take notice of the shape-making aspects of E. And isn’t it convenient that it makes women out of girls and men out of boys?

I believe in large doses of vitamin E for the best possible beauty-making effects. But here, it’s trial and error for you. For, as I keep repeating, individuality is the name of the game and in beauty, thank goodness for individuality! Some doctors recommend dosages of 800 I.U.s (international units) per day. I know beautiful women who take 1200.


You will probably notice, throughout your vitamin dosage tryouts, that you, individually, may need more or less than the dosages I will give as recommended by the experts. And, if you check the chart, you will probably find a good reason for that. It should be obvious that if you find you are heavy on a food high in a particular vitamin, then you are going to need less of that vitamin supple-mentally. The vitamin power of food seems without chemical peer. But I still believe it must be supplemented.

The point is that you take the amount that makes you look and feel your very best.

There is one thing about E, however, that you’d better watch out for. It has true aphrodisiac properties. Or at least it has them in my estimation and the estimation of some other knowledgeable nutritionists such as our friend Dr. Carlton Fredericks, who swears he had to give it up for a while to get his work done. Seems he had too much E on his mind.

By the same token, vitamin E works for those who claim they are too exhausted to have any interest in matters sexual. I have suggested the 800 I.U. dosage for these people and they say it’s a phenomenon. Whether it’s a case of suggesting the positive, I do not know. I only know it works . . . somehow.

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