Do you want to lose weight without dieting?

Every summer, everyone will go on a long journey at the door, so here is the journey for everyone Diet plan:


How do stars like Drew Barrymore and Beyonce still spend their time on the plane but still keep their metrics? Here are a few tips:

Buy some dried apricots and almonds. Dried apricots together with almonds are very tasty and calories are low. This 24-caliber dynamo will convince you that you are set up. Hey, it’s sweet. Try.

Positive water. What do you think you’re eating it? This is also the case for what you drink. “I am healthy,” “I am lucky,” “I am loved” on the aquamarine bottles, filling your body with positive water.

Get a bottle of parsley juice from the grocery store. When you put on your food and salads, it prevents swelling.

A small notebook. Keep a small notebook with you to write down everything you eat with everyone we see.

Kate Bosworth and Molly Sims use lip gloss with vitamins.

Sprey from Demeter. If you smell the real smell, you will not be bothered by it. A girl must always dream.

Never drink on board. The air on the air sweats three times as much as you are on the ground. That’s why you will never do alcohol on your diet. You can also get drunk much faster.

Cindy Crawford is getting something to eat at the airport to eat junk food. Burning takes cucumbers, carrots, walnuts, melons and apples. Because these foods are naturally diabetic, they prevent swelling.

YKM: Bring a few balls to the plane for your next trip. At the end of the flight, place the bag under your feet to prevent swelling and massage yourself. Your children can play with them during the flight.

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