Ways to lose weight for teens

Let me place these facts on the table from the beginning:
1. Almost all obesity exists for metabolic reasons. Most studies have shown that the obese gain weight on fewer calories than people without a weight problem.
2. The basis of the metabolic disturbance in obesity has been pretty well worked out by scientists over the last ten to fifteen years. It doesn’t have to do with the metabolism of the fat you eat but with hyperinsulinism and insulin resistance. The insulin hormone and its effect on your blood sugar levels (which are constantly rising and falling in response to the food you eat) is far more directly related to your general health picture and to your likelihood of being victimized by killers such as heart disease and stroke than was ever suspected in the past. It is also the single most significant determinant of your weight. That is why, by the fifth decade of their lives, 85% of Type II diabetics are obese.
3. This metabolic defect involving insulin can be circumvented by restricting carbohydrates. When you restrict it, you avoid the food subdivision that causes you to be fat.
4. This metabolic correction is so striking that many of you will be able to lose weight eating a higher number of calories than you have been eating on diets top heavy in carbohydrates. The so called “calorie theory” has been a millstone around the necks of dieters and a miserable and malign influence on their efforts to lose.
5. Diets high in carbohydrates are precisely what most overweight people don’t need and can’t become slim on.
6. A carbohydrate restricted diet is so effective at dissolving adipose tissue that it can create fat loss greater than occurs in fasting.
7. Our epidemics of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure are very largely the products of the hyperinsulinism connection.
8. The Atkins diet can correct and has corrected these serious medical complications of obesity. Indeed, 35% of my patients come to me for help with cardiovascular problems. The Atkins Diet is probably the most aggressively health promoting diet you will ever have the opportunity to be on.
Now let’s get back to the word revelation. Its meaning and connotation is to make known truths that were always there. Well, if the facts I have outlined are accepted as truths by an important segment of the scientific community, and yet are not so much as suspected by the majority of the populace, then this write will indeed be an act of revelation.
During the past twenty years, it has been suggested to the public, by techniques nearly as intense as brainwashing, that the only proper and healthy diet for a human being is a low fat diet. If this were true, then the course of action for each and every one of us would be obvious and direct. But it’s not true: For many of us, the bypassing of carbohydrates is our ultimate solution.
Now let’s just look at a few of the misapprehensions about diet that are still widely held.

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