Ways to lose weight in a week

How does all this work on real people with real problems? Consider Stanley Moskowitz, a vigorous 64 year old sculptor, who had survived three heart attacks in the 1980s, two “minor” and one severe. Stanley was overweight, his cholesterol levels were too high, and he had a great deal of arthritis a very long term problem for him. Naturally we took him off his ice cream and his french fries, his “junk food Americana,” as he called it, and just as naturally we urged him to eat a lot of meat, fish, fowl, and eggs when
he wanted them, nuts, salads, vegetables, and a little cheese. A typical low carbohydrate diet which he thoroughly enjoyed. But what was he going to do about his body and his beleaguered heart?

Stanley soon learned to smile about his results there too. His cholesterol went down from 228 to 157 by the standard method of calculating such things, a massive reduction of 64% in his risk for another heart attack. And his weight? That went down from 228 to 190, a pretty good weight for a powerfully built six footer, who creates all metal sculptures in his studio. Incidentally, as a side effect of his new diet, the pain Stanley was so accustomed to in the joints of his shoulders and arms improved until they felt better than they had in more than twenty years.
I asked Stanley what he thought about all this, and he said, “Well, Dr. Atkins, these are probably the most startling physical changes I’ve experienced in my lifetime, and, strangely enough, all I had to do was enjoy myself.”
Right. Let me tell you about another patient in more detail.

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