I want to represent article with words which tells these word how many important. Because first one is a wedding dress, second one is only hair styles. 2 things are for women in wedding day. Bride bun styles will glare at least looks like that. Your wedding hair stylesare first thing and the most remarkable thing after wedding dress.In this sense, you can make the bride wedding dress with head model should provide a unity. When you make bride make up as exaggerating, it will not looks like simple.

Also, your participation in normal hair pulling their wedding hair styles would be absurd. But any bride doesn’t know about normal hair will be comes normal when they see wedding picture. Actually, they will understand how valuable of normal wedding hair styles.

Anyway, bride hair model of 2014 year doesn’t include so many bun hair models.2014 the most beautiful bride in the neck of the head models, we see that the trend of the loose bun.If you say I’m giving up the knob on my wedding day will be an alternative model for you will be one of the knobs on the neck.


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