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There’s a lot of artifice in country music now,’ he continues, “constructed and put together really well. Wedding hairstyles The only question I have is whether anyone really believes it, and that’s an issue of sincerity.’ He remains heartened, however, by up-and-coming singer-songwriters like Kacey Musgraves whom he singles out for praise. Merry Go Round is about as good as song-writing can be, just because it’s so completely true and honest to life in this country – to that aspect of life in this country.’ Reid also has kind words for singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, and for One Republic’s Ryan Tedder whose song Love Runs Out has ‘an extraordinary singability to the phrases.”

He hasn’t written down the words to the One Republic song yet, Wedding hairstyles something Mike typically does with a lyric he loves, just to see how those words look on the page. Usually, he says, “when I write out a lyric and it has a certain depth to it, I’m always surprised by how simple it looks on the page.’ The same is true of his own songwriting. Reid’s most recent solo album NEW DIRECTION HOME is a collection of songs that ‘I absolutely mean.’ Track Always Gonna Be You has a lyric that is simple, yet memorable and deeply romantic: I could jump on some old highway, run a thousand miles or more, unlock some hidden mystery, behind a distant door, I could sail the seven oceans, ’til I crawl up on some long forgotten shore, but it’s always gonna be you, always gonna be you I’m looking for.’ Recently covered by Kenny Chesney, the song is one of 12 solid originals on the album. It’s an original that was written and recorded by another original.

It seems likely that Mike Reid will remain the only member of the College Football Hall of Fame to write an opera, to win a Grammy, to be inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. He just won’t be the only one with bum knees. Holley Dey

Thank you very much – I’m still on a high from the whole feeling… Wedding hairstyles I haven’t really come down yet from the whole thing, the whole situation, it was a pretty amazing night.”

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