Weight Loss And Menopause Tips

Weight Loss And Menopause Tips

Wrong goal of 100 percent or nothing: Why do I consider 50% of excess weight loss a success? Because a person that becomes obese is now a new larger person that will quickly return to this larger size with any neglect of a weight loss program. A good program does not go away with weight-loss success; it remains as a new lifestyle. As the person maintains a weight loss of 50% the organic body will eventually match the intelligently controlled body. As the body rebuilds to a smaller size it becomes more tolerant of overeating. This does not happen immediately and in severe cases, it may take years for the body to repair itself from the damage of obesity. Lack of understanding this will guarantee failure.

Not able to comprehend my writings: I do not consider myself a professional writer trained to smooth a person into subconsciously doing things they would not normally do. I am not a salesman, I am just providing the facts as I see them from my research relating to weight control. Some people have great training in this area of presentation; to some people it is a natural gift. I have a tendency to ramble on a subject too long and have not mastered the art of being eloquent. I do not claim to be a gifted author. This creates material that may be harder to grasp and prevents the individual from ability to take on as if their own. The addendums will remain rough but the third edition will be processed through professional editors and a copywriter to ensure content is most effective.

My success versus your success: “A wise person does not need to repeat another person’s failure but a wise person does learn from another person’s woes” – Tim. I listen to the people and stories of tobacco related health issues, I learn more from those whom have struggled then those without any true experience. While I struggle with sugar and other toxins that are taking years off my life, I have not won the war yet. Often I consume excess sugar though I know the risks of its abuse. I more often than should consume over 100 grams of sugar in a day and the signs of the damages become clearer as I age. I sometimes still fill the ache for coffee even though I know it is a deal with the devil. These are my failures that I struggle with and they have removed years off my life. I no longer drink a 12-cup pot of coffee a day or consume 400 grams of sugar a day. I was 50 years old when I realized the damage done. I can never be a true image of perfection but a person with woes that maybe someone younger that is wise enough can make the changes and be a success without suffering my woes.

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Money and Charisma: It took Mr. Atkins 30 years to make his concept widely popular (though the root concept not originally his own). About the time his diet concept became known, he died suspiciously. There are many great points that he brought up though it was (is) lacking the completeness of other factors. Just having a good concept does not make something successful. This world is controlled by money and if one does not have extreme money, they need to have extreme charisma to attract people that will back their concept with extreme money. If someone does create something great, there are people with access to extreme money that will steal, and alter a great concept just enough to make it their own, leaving the originator on a park bench to sleep life away. I lack both the money and charisma referenced. The only advantage I have is being as truthful as I can be and putting my heart into it. I think that is where the others fail and will always fail. My success will only come from honest effort, sales and support allowing the continuing improvement of the 213-Diet.

I must face my failures if I plan to be successful.

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