Weight Loss Diet Plan

The recurrent colds and skin issue suggest an imbalance of gut bacteria. Avoiding sugary treats, adding fermented vegetables to salads, sipping on miso soup or trying kombucha could help.

Penny could also increase iron-rich foods such as red meat (two to three serves per week), turmeric, spinach, thyme and cumin seeds, and look at eating more foods high in zinc – pumpkin seeds, lentils, quinoa and cashews. Some meal ideas include: BREAKFAST: Avocado and sauerkraut sprinkled with sesame seeds on rye toast; homemade bircher muesli with natural yoghurt; spinach and asparagus omelette. LUNCH: H omemade salads with red meat or lentils and quinoa; frittata with thyme and leek; miso soup and steamed veggies. DINNER: Red meat, chicken, fish, lentils or eggs with immune-boosting veggies including garlic, onion, leek, parsley, shiitake mushrooms and ginger, and herbs and spices such as turmeric and cumin seeds. SNACKS: Cashews in a trail mix; miso soup; boiled egg; hummus and carrot sticks; natural yoghurt with berries.

Weight Loss Diet Plan

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Certain supplements could help Penny. A probiotic powder containing lactoferrin and colostrum would be useful: probiotics help promote good gut bacteria while lactoferrin and colostrum boost immunity. Take one teaspoon half an hour before breakfast.

Zinc is able to reduce inflammation and stimulate the immune system. I’d advise 50mg of zinc citrate per day after dinner.

A powerful immune stimulant, vitamin C can support the body during times of stress. Go for 1000mg twice daily with food and look for vitamin C in calcium ascorbate form – it’s better tolerated by the stomach.

Plus, a herbal tonic containing withania, astragalus and licorice to support chronic lowered immunity and adrenal stress would be the perfect prep for the silly season.

If the rundown feeling continues, it’s worth Pennygetting pathologytesting done to identify any underlying issues. She can ask her GP to test white blood cell count, stored iron, plasma zinc and vitamin D. 1

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