We crewmembers had a lot of time to talk in the support vehicles during the race, and after Dean hit the wall, we spent some of that time speculating about the cause of his poor performance. Koop, who had accompanied Dean throughout the Endurance 50, suggested that Dean simply ran too much to achieve peak performance in any single event. He doesn’t even really train, Koop said. He just goes from one event to the next without any rest or any chance to focus his training on one race. These words made sense to me at the time, and they still make sense on one level. But upon reflection I decided I was not so sure that Dean would perform better if he took a different approach to his running. He loves the utterly original approach to running that he has created. He enjoys running as much as any runner has ever enjoyed running, and any change he might make to his formula for the sake of performing better in this or that race would almost certainly hurt his performance in the long run, because it would make running less fun for him, and I believe that enjoyment and performance are tightly connected. DEAN KARNAZES, JOYFUL RUNNER Throughout his life as a runner, Dean Karnazes has been exceptionally insistent on running in the way that gives him the greatest enjoyment. It just so happens that his way of enjoying running is very different from that of most competitive runnerseven from that of most ultrarunnersand yet remarkably successful. In 50/50, Dean said, concerning a crucial stage in his development as a runner:


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