Weight Loss Exercise Tips

Weight Loss Exercise Tips

Habit versus addiction: While many of the foods and actions we take are habit related, few are actually addictions. The best way to separate the two through understanding that a habit can be substituted, an addiction primarily cannot. If a person can substitute to more healthy options, there is a chance of success.

Certain foods do have chemicals or additives that are semi-addictive. Some foods or chemicals do not qualify as either but as both such as caffeine. Caffeine unquestionably alters the human physiology and psychology (possibly long term), making it hard to perform certain tasks without a booster of caffeine, thus it is addictive, but caffeine can be replaced with other foods and substances that work in simular or opposite means to create a satisfactory neutralizing effect, so it is really just habitual. Caffeine is the worst thing one can do to their child, especially their unborn child.

Success in dieting comes by dissecting the habits, then lessening, avoiding, or removing them.

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Not giving up your life or making big changes: My situation creates a good understanding for me of why life situations are critical to factor into the problem. My wife is obese, has good income, stressful desk job, strong headed, and has some serious phobias. We grew obese together and my bad habits initially filled the pantry and refrigerator with bad foods. Now the situation is reversed, a monster I created. I cannot go into the details but can say it creates many real challenges. There are two good sides to our situation. She has not gained any weight in the last 4 years since I became focused on dieting and she is slowly progressing toward a healthier lifestyle. Without her, there never would have been a 213-Diet (there is a purposeful battle against me attempting to make this diet plan a failure but it is not failing). This is not about pointing fingers or shifting blame but is for the purpose to explain my lack of control of what items are in the refrigerator and pantry against my control. The second good of the situation is that it provides me with many challenges facing many other people that have life realities that cannot be changed without removal of a wife, a husband, a mother, a job, or some other part of one’s existence that the good outweighs the bad. Sometimes it can be fixed with communication but when it comes to dealing with another having weight issues, it becomes more complex than just words. Success is in knowing your limits of change and working around them.

Lack of trust in the moment: Due to the results from the failures of previously attempted diets, most people lack the faith that weight loss is possible. Another issue comes from the failure of instant expectations results in the loss of hope. How do I excite a person that has been let down by flawed weight loss systems or wants more results with no effort on their part? Success is in increasing accuracy and small goals. I hope that I can create enough success stories to rebuild that lost hope.

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