Ryan Hall, the men’s half-marathon American record holder, has been down the path of confidence self-sabotage before. But he has heeded his intuition, and he probably will not go down that path again. I have found that I improve much more, Hall wrote on his blog, especially over the long run, when I let the training come out and am not out there trying to really force something special to happen. It’s interesting that I maximize my potential when I just let it come out rather than by trying harder. The great thing about letting my fitness come is that it makes training very enjoyable and puts me at peace with where I am while realizing that my fitness will continue to increase. This mindset allows me to always be successful and really enjoy both the process and the outcome. The feeling of enjoyment that Hall speaks of here is another product of mind-body communication that can guide runners toward consistent performance improvement. It is perhaps even more important than the feeling of confidence, and it is the topic of the next chapter. TWO


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