Dathan Ritzenhein’s peak workout before his two triumphant European track races in the summer of 2009 was a 5,000 m solo time trial run in 13:44 at high altitude. €œI felt great and it gave me a lot of confidence going into Berlin, he wrote of that workout on his blog. But a very different sort of workout might have done the job just as well or done a better job for a different runner in the same circumstances. Some runners have a favorite interval set that they like to do as a peak workout before a 5K or 10K race. Others like to do an actual tune-up race as a peak workout before a peak race. Whatever works is justified. I will say more about peak workouts in the context of a discussion on training without a plan in Chapter 6. Intuition will also help you develop a personal training system over time. As you practice training methods that you pick up from a trusted source, such as a coach or book author, you will notice fluctuations in your confidence level. Then you will develop intuitions about the sources of these fluctuations, both positive and negative.


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