Kenyan runner John Litei summarized this philosophy beautifully in a quote included by Toby Tanser in his book More Fire. Litei said: Training gives me proof. I can’t go to the competition without proof; it gives me the knowledge and the belief. I know in my heart I will succeed. The ability to achieve race goals is determined by a very sophisticated calculator in the unconscious brain: anticipatory regulation. This calculator cannot be fooled. It requires proof. The feeling that your mental confidence is increasing is a reliable indicator that your training experiences are proving to your unconscious that you will be able to achieve your goalsin other words, that your training experiences are cultivating physical confidence. You cannot maximize confidencebuilding training experiences by making plans and sticking to them. The true best course to take in your training is influenced by innumerable factors that are constantly changing, creating a need for continual improvisation. The unconscious is a better improviser than consciousness, which receives the predictions of the unconscious as intuitions.


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