Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today Never the next few pages you will find the tvventyeight vy day starter slimming plan that sets you on your own personal Weight Loss for life. This fourweek eating plan has been carefully devised to give you one complete month of delicious recipes. Each recipe and menü idea has been carefully put together to, maximize vitamin values while minimizing the fat and calorie content. Every day you will be able to choose a tasty option for breakfast, lunch and supper as well as midmorning and teatime snacks and special treats.

The key to successful slimming is to eat little and often, choosing Weight Loss vitaminrich foods including plenty of whole grins, fresh fruits and vegetables. This first month of the Weight Loss for Life eating plan is guaranteed to mobilize fat cells and shift surplus pounds while boosting your metabolism and energy levels. The twentyeightday eating plan sets you well on the way to achieving your target figüre and for successful, lifelong weight maintenance.

Breakfast First

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for ali of us who want to lose weight. The word breakfast literally means ‘breaking the fast’ and it is vital that we do not skip this vital part of the day. Having breakfast boosts our blood sugar levels and fuels the body for the day ahead. Nutritional studies in both Britain and the United States show that skipping breakfast is a false economy as our body will underperform for the rest of the day. This is especially true for children who leave home with an empty stomach. By midmorning their behaviour and ability in the classroom is significantly worse than that of those who have eaten a good breakfast.

So what is the best breakfast? Unfortunately the tradi tional British fare of fried bread, bacon, sausages and fried eggs is so full of fat that it slides right off the plate and into our hungry fat cells. The very occasional cooked breakfast is fine but forget the fried bread, make sure the bacon is grilled, add plenty of tomatoes and a single poached egg to reduce the fat content by more than half. Sausages are just too stuffed with fat, rusk, preservatives and leftover bits of gristle to be taken seriously as a form of food. Sub stitute with a lean lamp chop, or better stili, a grilled kip per. However, for our daytoday breakfasts we should be switching to cereals and toast. Not only are these lower in fat, they also contain the important complex carbohydrates that give us a wonderfully steady energy supply for the day ahead.


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