INTUITION-GUIDED TRAINING The question I just posed is essentially an invitation to make intuition-based training decisions. Highperforming experts in almost every field of endeavor use intuition more than logic and ratiocination to make decisions, because most of the knowledge we accumulate through experience in any field of endeavor is stored in unconscious brain regions. In other words, most of the learning we do in our jobs, hobbies, and relationships is implicit rather than explicit. The unconscious brain regions that are the seat of implicit learning, which include the basal ganglia, are often able to make faster, more accurate judgments and better decisions than our minds can through the conscious application of explicit learning. The only problem is that the basal ganglia are too primitive to communicate with consciousness in plain English. Instead, they communicate through feelings, hunches, and intuitions. As a runner, you learn a lot more implicitly through training itself than you do explicitly through learning how to train from coaches, books, and Web sites. And you will make better predictions about the sorts of training experiences that will build your confidencewhich itself is the best predictor of racing successby using intuition than by engaging in overthinking.


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