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When the 200-acre property became available, they realized they could “surround themselves with the best of the fitness and wellness world.” An immersion program could help “guests take information and knowledge home to their families,

even to their companies,” since many guests lead giant billion-dollar corporations. But Alex admits that they “selfishly created this program so we could also do it whenever we wanted.”

Okay, so why no coffee? I understand booze, but coffee?

The Ranch does not have an issue with coffee, or even caffeine. In fact, it’s not about going there for a week and being off java for the rest of your life. It’s all about understanding and feeling what your baseline is. Your cleanest baseline is what you feel after a detoxification process,” explains Alex. “A lot of people form an addiction to coffee, so when you wean off of it, many people get a mild headache. As part of the detoxification, you eat an organic vegan diet and eliminate processed sugars, diet sweeteners, gluten, alcohol and…caffeine.” Alex explains it’s the only way for a guest to actually feel what it’s like to be clean.

What to expect by the end of the week?

About 5,000 guests (with a 35% repeat rate) have come through The Ranch and will leave with these results:

You’ll feel recalibrated both physically and mentally.

Women will leave on average 4% lighter; men 5-6%. This isn’t water weight but loss of fat and gain of muscle.

Your face will be leaner, your eyes more clear and your complexion brighter. If you have dimples, they’ll pop.

Your bowel movements will decrease. “You’re eating food that’s relative to your diet, so you have less movement because you have less waste. Your body actually uses everything when you eat this clean.” I have 3 days to go to feel my “cleanest baseline.”

Repeat day 3 plan and feel free to mix up the classes (yoga vs. core) and opt for a daily massage if you can.

4:15AM. Wide awake. My new normal. 7AM. We’re at the base of the trail and a repeat guest tells me a funny story:

The last time she was here, NBC’s The Biggest Loser was also filming. The irony isn’t lost on me, but fortunately there are no camera crews here today.

Five minutes up the hill, as the sun rises above the Pacific Ocean in what should be my Lion King moment, I look at a fellow guest and just mentally deteriorate. “I’m done. I just can’t. 

I’ve heard of this moment where your body leaves its state Of Shock and accepts what’s going on as the new normal. I feel euphoric. 

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