Weight Loss After Pregnancy


A potent green drink – especially one containing nutritional powerhouse kale – will give you a massive antioxidant dose, help to cleanse your system of all those party-time nasties and alkalise your body. Bioglan SuperFoods Kale Powder, $14.95, bioglan.com.au


Unless you were super-sensible and remembered to down a glass of water between every cocktail, chances are you’re dehydrated. H2Coco’s range of 100 per cent natural, potassium-rich coconut waters will kick your hydration up a notch. H2Coco Pure Coconut Water, $2.99, h2coconut.com


A dodgy tum after a big night out = no fun. Ginger is a surefire way to nix nausea, so sip on a cup of warm ginger tea to help ease your tummy. Tetley 100% Steamed Green Tea With a Hint of Ginger, $3.37, tetley.com.au


A global brand, Milani is a multicultural collection that creates wearable colours for all women. High quality and affordable pricing has always been Milani s mission to its consumers. Premium packaging, top-of-the-line formulations and trend-setting colours are some of the reasons w hy Milani has been, and continues to be, every woman s affordable luxury. A full range of top-quality make-up products, for women of any age and style.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy

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