Weight Loss Tips That Work

Weight Loss Tips That Work

The New Buzzword – The-POP-Diet

I researched this material and wrote this blog to help those I love struggling with obesity. While doing so I was focused on the material and not the means to break the material to those it could help. I was left pondering how do I introduce this to someone I love and make them concerned enough to take action to correct the deadly course they are on. One word used to describe how illness onset in my writings is “POP”. Like the pop of a balloon. I came up with ways to relay this word to those I love, this lead to the term “The-Pop-Diet”. This is not an attempt at insult but of concern, so please read on how this diet works to help one become healthier. Snap your fingers, and then choose healthier options.

Pop is how it happens. That one day, when a person’s bad lifestyle and habits catch up with them and something breaks, “POP”. Many people I know have died or are suffering from what first was metabolic syndrome. Some were not even obese but their sugar abuse caught up to them one day. It was like “Pop”, yesterday they were feeling healthy, but a day later, they were on dialysis, medication, or DEAD. Talking to older friends and relatives brought out the many unpublished cases of suffering. These sufferings caused from sugar ranged from loss of eyesight, amputations, surgery, medications, etc… From the moment “Pop” that the doctor said they have (type-2 diabetes / heart disease / cancer / etc…), or they passed out at work or home, or they woke in the hospital from a coma; their life changed. Their life changed instantly but it was years in the creation. It was created because they were on “The-Pop-Diet”. Note that one pop leads to another!

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The medical term that describes the progression of this diet is metabolic syndrome. The most tell tale sign is someone looking a little or seriously pregnant when they are definitely not. This is often termed the beer belly and is the noticeable enlarged liver, stomach, and belly area that protrudes beyond the chest cavity. This is often the signs of excess visceral fat and an enlarged liver.

The two leading causes of the POP are sugar and stress. The many less contributors include excessive starch, inactivity, lacking portion control, lack of sleep, morbid obesity, illegal drugs, legal drugs, toxic chemicals (some labeled as safe to eat), condiments, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, nutritional imbalance, depression, and environmental factors. It is a combination of many of these factors resulting in that one day where part of our body fails “POP”, sometimes for the rest of our life. If you get this message and endear it, you can prevent this from happening at a younger age. Eventually everyone will go POP but it likely does not have to happen before a person is 70 years old. That is if one treats their body well. Else wise it can happen any day, even to someone as young as in their teens. Most people who indulge in excess sugar start popping in their 40’s. That is 20 to 30 years more of a lower quality of life from that point on. I suffer from a ringing in one ear and loss of eyesight quality (need glasses to read). Both these I know the cause was stress combined with sugar abuse. I was consuming 300 to 500 grams or 2 cups of sugar per day.

Our body does well to handle the daily torment. Sugar is our fuel and if our body fails to control it due to interaction with the other contributors, this can result in coma, death, amputation, loss of eyesight, or type-2 diabetes. When you go for that sugar soaked fruit juice, soda, dessert, pastry, etc…, Think to yourself “POP”, reduce your sugar intake or risk that you will go pop sooner than later. The new buzzword to save yourself and friends you care for suffering from metabolic syndrome is “The-Pop-Diet”. Introduce your friends and loved ones suffering from metabolic syndrome to “The-Pop-Diet”. Ask them to research it and so they remember to “Snap” before they choose sugar over health. Once diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, the fight to prevent the next pop will be every day! Stop “The-Pop-Diet” with a “Snap” and a healthier choice.

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