Weight Loss Tricks And Tips

Weight Loss Tricks And Tips

My focus versus another’s focus: As previously mentioned, if I were to focus on diet all day and make it my job to lose weight and create a perfect example, I would be creating a lie that most would not be able to duplicate. I have never made my life about the diet system but finding the path of least effort to maintainable weight loss. I have made sure that I stayed focused on content usable to others beyond the 213-Diet. I made my diet efforts about research 12 to 18 hours a day, rather than eating yucky foods and exercising all day to impress people into thinking I have found the magic cure (to not be like all the rest that look like Miss and Mr. America preaching their fagade on television of false weight loss miracles). Success comes from understanding the full truthful spectrum of weight loss and ensuring that it works for most everyone’s personal situations and not just mine.

Obsession with food: Many are obsessed with food or they use food to counter stress or boredom. This is an extremely tough obstacle for me to hurdle. How do I write something that can alter this lifestyle and habits? To each individual this problem has a different solution. My answer is to present the problem and as many solutions as possible, leaving it to the individual to define how to correct the situation in a way that is doable for them. Success is finding better options of food choices.

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Nothing New: It would seem with decades (centuries) of knowledge, experience, and testing we would have weight control down to perfection. What makes me think I can introduce something within a few years that has not already been attempted toward successful weight loss? To me there are doctors and scientist that have more information to create something more effective. So why is this not the case? This question baffles me. I think there are so many theories and fabrications from incorrect theories that the road to truth was missed and most doctors, like most people full of pride they fail to step up and say, “Oops, I think we are lost and need to go back a few wrong turns”. There also seems to be an underworld where doctors know it is not in their best interest to speak against Global agenda, pill pushers, and the moneymakers. I feel personally most of what the 213-Diet is about is that nothing is new but it is the accumulation and unity of all aspects that makes the 213-Diet new. The biggest failure in dieting is not being able to industrialize a process that could be effective for most people. This is where the pyramid layout comes in and hopes to provide this process of “Fat to Fit”. I am sure time will alter the 213-Diet and maybe create something 20 times more effective than any other weight loss program out there. Success is creating a complete package that includes all aspects of weight control, requiring minimum effort, and includes a quality assurance system.

Submissive Death or Disassociation with Life: This is where I have common ground with many people that are have problems doing the right steps to better health and losing weight. My association in lacking motivation does not really help anyone else besides giving me the understanding of how hard it makes going the extra mile needed to make weight loss easy. When a person does not have excitement or something spectacular to look forward to, it becomes hard to create motivation towards extending this life of blah. What happens is slow progress to unhealthiness until it gets so bad that one finally decides to take better care of self. I think that is why I believe the slow and steady approach is the most effective for most everyone with serious weight issues. This slow and steady approach is also less mentally stressful and less depressing. As progress happens, it is a great motivator to stay on track and results in lifestyle changes rather than adding more abuse to the body. My rough estimate is about 99.9% that try a fast weight loss method, find failure. That is depressing! Success is by expecting 2 to 4-pound weight loss goal each month and making changes gradually.

Realistic Weight Loss: Most people think of dieting is about constant weight loss over a period of months. In order to be successful I need to change this ideology. The 213-Diet needs to focus on lifestyle and continual improvement. The diet must include holidays and weight gain, periods without weight loss that one would normally classify as failure. Success is about changing the concept of what a diet should be. A true diet program includes living and allowance to continue enjoying life.

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