What Does This Ail Mean Metabolically?

Principally, of course, your purple LTS and your capacity to stay below your Critical Carbohydrate Level for Losing will mean that you’ve found the very easiest method of losing pounds and inches.

Your LTS are evidence for the fact that you’ve carved out a different metabolic pathway. The first fuel your body bums for energy comes from the carbohydrates you eat and drink. Now that you’ve lowered your carbohydrate consumption to a level that can’t finance your energy expenditures, you must bum your stored fat.

Easily, if you’re metabolically average, reluctantly, if you’re metabolically resistant, your body draws upon those stores of fat. A new metabolic pathway for supplying energy has been successfully taken. And, at that moment, your body converts from being a carbohydrate burning engine into being a fat burning engine.

You really are doing the diet now. I’m very happy for you. This should be the last diet you’ll ever have to do.

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