What If You’re the Only Fattie in the Family?

Now somebody’s surely going to ask me the question, “How can I possibly diet when the rest of my family is thin?” Or even too thin, and trying to fatten up. (Remember the Jack Sprats. They worked it out, so I’m sure you will, too.)

The answers are easy but they’ll provide no easy-diet way out for you. I’m not going to let you get away with either glands or a thin family not if you really want to slim down. It can be done, and your family and your friends simply don’t become involved. If, for example, you have chosen the low-carbohydrate route, the fact that you are even dieting will be almost undetectable to anyone besides yourself. You will have to forego all the starches, so you simply won’t eat the potatoes and bread and desserts (and I’d rather not see your family eat them either).

I have a feeling that, after your diet education, you may just do some family-educating on your own. For once you know the horrors of what we Americans are usually eating, you may want to change your menus for the sake of your family’s health, most particularly where children are involved. You may, for example, no longer permit them calories and cavities via endless amounts of Sugared soft drinks and desserts. You will, I am sure, find a child-appetite-adequate substitute for such nutritionally empty nonsense, but that may come later.

First, let us assume that your family eats breakfast. If they don’t, it is the first thing they should learn to do. Check in with your physician if you’re a doubter and he will, assuredly, tell you as much. About the only things you’ll forego for breakfast on low-carb assuming your breakfast is the usual one of juice, coffee, cereal, eggs, bacon, toast is the juice, the toast, and the sugar in your coffee. For sugar, you’ll substitute a no-calorie sweetener like saccharin or you’ll have it black. You can put the cream in your coffee and still get slender.

You’ll give up your juice, or use an artificially sweetened one. You will forego the toast, or muffin, or grits (if you’re from my land), or anything that smacks of starch. The rest of your family will eat everything they want. You will eat your bacon and/or ham and eggs. Even sausages, as long as they’re pure meat and don’t have any cereal fillers. And, as for cereal, you and, we hope, the rest of the family, will start learning to love wheat germ. And top it off with lecithin. It’s good for every one of you. If your family refuses wheat germ, pity them. You eat it anyway and let them learn to feed themselves healthily on something like real oatmeal. (Sneak in wheat germ they’ll never know!)

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